Although the Easter Bunny will be social distancing this year, Easter is still on its way Wondering how you can celebrate Easter in Calgary when there is nowhere to go? No public Easter egg hunts or locally themed events? Despite this time of social distancing, there are still plenty of unique and exciting ways to enjoy your favourite Easter traditions from the comfort of your own home (and yes, that includes skyping in all of your family members who are also self-isolating) Take a look at the many ways you can celebrate Easter in Calgary and not miss out on the food, relationships, love, and support that make this holiday so special

Creating an Easter Dinner Feast That Supports Local Businesses

Having a difficult time finding the ingredients and foods you need to create that mouth-watering Easter feast? And don’t want to wait in line at Costco? Although many of the grocery stores in Calgary are working hard to restock (toilet paper included), local Calgary businesses are eager to deliver the food, drinks, and treats you need. Some of these small businesses include:

truLOCAL — locally raised meats

The Organic Box — local, organic produce and organic grass-fed meats

SpudAlberta — sustainable, local, and organic grocery delivery

True Büch Kombucha — locally made kombucha

Café Gravity — coffee and café food specials

Crave Cupcakes — Easter ordered cakes and cupcakes

BAKED Brands — gluten-free, vegan, high-protein donuts

The Chocolate Lab — chocolates and edible art

Spruce Up the House with Easter Flowers

Do you know someone who is self-isolating this year and will be spending the holiday alone? Now is the time to spread the love and get Easter lilies and stunning floral bouquets delivered directly to your friends and family This simple gesture could be just the thing to brighten someone’s day — a thoughtful and bright present that will make the holiday feel a bit more like you are together once again For Calgary florists that deliver, visit the online stores for the following locations (delivery restrictions may apply):

Red Rose Florist

Floralia YYC

Incredible Florist YYC

Divine Creations YYC

Foster a Furry Friend

Around the Easter season, the demand for new pets (particularly bunnies) increases exponentially. But before you commit to a life-long friend, make sure that you and your family are prepared to care for it when life get back to normal with the kids at school and you at work. Instead, foster a furry friend while you are staying home this month Fostering is a great way to spend time with a pet, care for it, get/give tons of cuddles, and provide them with a great home until they can find their forever home Dogs, rabbits, cats, and an assortment of other pets are always in need of a caring foster home. And the best part is that all the necessary equipment and food comes with it The perfect solution that helps animals in need while ensuring you get a furry friend for the holiday Plus, if you fall in love, you can apply to adopt For fostering opportunities, reach out to local Calgary animal shelters such as:



Pawsitive Match

Calgary Humane Society

MEOW Foundation

Fur-Ever Homes Rescue

Indoor Easter Activities for the Kids

Many children anticipate Easter for the magical appearance of the Easter bunny and the many fun activities they can partake in with their friends throughout the city. Easter egg hunts, a trip to Butterfield Acres, and running around the Calgary Corn Maze are all events that normally take place. But with the recent closures of many of these events and locations, it is time to bring the Easter activities indoors Not sure how to make this day exciting for your kids? Take a look at the many fun and creative things to do that will keep them entertained:

Indoor Easter egg hunt (make sure if you have a pet at home to not hide chocolate or other treats that could be found by them)

Indoor scavenger hunt (list household items that they must gather and present for their prize)

Easter egg painting, dying, and decorating

Use old plastic Easter eggs to make a wreath

Print out Easter colouring pages online to colour or paint

Easter-egg and spoon races in the backyard

Make chocolate fondue and dip in fruits, cake, and other Easter treats

Cut designs into halved potatoes, dip into paint, and make Easter egg stamps on paper

Glue cotton balls to an Easter bunny cut-out

Bake sugar cookies and use Easter cookie cutters, then decorate them with icing and sprinkles

Join an Online Easter Church Service

Although most churches are closed due to the coronavirus prevention limitations, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to join a religious Easter service from your own home Many churches, synagogues, and other places of worship are offering online live streaming services so that you can take part in the music, listen to the sermons, and later discuss the messages with family and friends. Reach out to your local church to see if they will be providing an online Easter Service, and if not, request one

There is plenty to do this Easter in Calgary despite not having places to go Find the activities and Easter solutions that are exciting and fun for your family, and spend some time bonding, eating, and celebrating the holiday together

Happy Easter

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