Matthew Phillips is (reportedly) in.

The 5’7″, 155-pound winger, who tied for the Stockton Heat lead with 21 points in 30 games this season, will make his NHL debut on Wednesday afternoon against the Vancouver Canucks.

Phillips’ representatives at the Roy Hockey Group first reported the news in a Tweet on Wednesday morning. Sportsnet 960 contributor Peter Loubardias later corroborated the same information.

Congrats and good luck to @mattphillips_8 as he makes his @NHL debut this afternoon for the @NHLFlames! #CofRed

— Roy Hockey Group (@royhockeygroup) May 19, 2021

In 2020–21, Phillips emerged as one of the most effective offensive players in the AHL’s Canadian Division and developed palpable chemistry with Adam Ruzicka. The Slovak centre has since played two NHL games with the Flames, both having come this week.

Retweeting some of my favourite Matthew Phillips content from this past #AHLHeat season.

— Mike Gould (@miketgould) May 19, 2021

The Flames will finish their season on Wednesday afternoon at home against Vancouver at 1:30 pm MT.

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