At the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Assessment Committee meeting on November 6, a number of items were presented and discussed, including:

The conclusion of the public engagement programThe cost-benefit report by Ernst & YoungThe Calgary 2026 proposal on a Cultural OlympiadA Calgary 2026 update
Public engagement program
Our public engagement program closed on October 28. The What We Heard report is now available. The report is a summary of the public engagement process and what participants told us. Thank you to all the citizens who made time in their busy days to learn more about the proposed bid and talk with us about why Calgary should or should not host the Games.

Cost-benefit analysis
We hired Ernst & Young to complete a cost-benefit analysis of the Calgary 2026 Draft Hosting Plan Concept. The analysis weighs both the advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (costs) of hosting the Games. The analysis looked at five categories:
Government financialEnvironmentalSocialResident consumerEconomic development
Results show both costs and benefits to hosting the Games in Calgary. You can read and review the report and Ernst & Young’s presentation for more information.

Culture and education – Calgary 2026
Calgary 2026’s approach to culture and education realizes one of the three pillars of the Olympic movement (Sport, Culture and Sustainability). Its objectives include:

increasing cultural understanding through creativity; andbuilding better relationships with Indigenous peoples.
Traditionally, the cultural programming kicks off with the Flag Handover Ceremony at the closing ceremonies of the previous Games. It’s followed by a Cultural Olympiad, educational events, and youth programs, which can take place over the next four years, leading up to and during the proposed 50 days of celebration during the next Games. Calgary 2026’s draft hosting plan includes $30 million to fund these programs.

Calgary 2026 update – risk management and cost overrun insurance
Calgary 2026 presented an update on its approach to risk management, including a discussion about insurance to mitigate the risk of cost overruns. An example of construction cost overrun was provided.

Your chance to help Council decide – Vote 2018
Your chance to vote on whether Calgary should host or not host the Games is on Tuesday, November 13. To find out when and where to vote and voter eligibility requirements, visit

City Secretariat report to Committee
We will continue to work diligently to ensure you have balanced information. Please check our blog series and visit for more information.

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