YYC PRIDE – Calgary Pride is organized by Pride Calgary, a non profit organization. The event was first held in 1990 and officially recognized by the city in 1991, with the first official proclamation of Pride Week by then mayor Al Duerr.

What inspired you to take over the Life in Calgary Instagram Account?

I was really honoured to have been asked to take over the Life in Calgary account to highlight Calgary during Pride week, through my lens. Having the platform to share my love for the city, the mountains, and my community was what inspired me to take over the account. 

What do you do in your spare time? Favourite Calgary past-time or activity?

Living an hour drive away from the mountains is a huge privilege, and I try to make the best out of it. My favourite hikes nearby are Yamnuska and Moose Mountain. Within Calgary, I love exploring the river walk, as it travels across the entire city. On a rainy or cold day, I enjoy exploring the plus 15s an extensive network of skywalks that connect buildings downtown. 

Where do you take friends when they visit?

First, I would say in the city to check out East Village, the Central Library, Stephen Ave, the Devonian Gardens, 17th avenue, Inglewood, and Kensington. (Maybe check out a few events and take them skyline luging if we have time.) Then, I would bring them on day trips to the mountains and the badlands. 

Whats your favourite restuarant and cafe in Calgary?

My favourite place for a meal is Big Catch Sushi. I didn’t think you could find such fresh and delicious sushi in Alberta, unitl I discovered Big Catch. Calgary also has numerous cages that have great drinks and food. My favourite cafe for drinks is High Ground, and my favourite cafe for food is Vendome – both places are within 10 minute walk of each other. There is an amazing boardgame cafe, Hexagon, located in the same neighborhood as well. 

Any tips or advice for Calgary newcomers or those considering a move to Calgary?

For newcomers, check out all the resources that we have in this city! A great place to start would be the Central Library – it is a gorgeous building with tons of free resources. Also, learn to embrace the cold and snowy winter. For those considering moving to Calgary, do it for the city and the moutains. 

Want to become an Instagram Influencer and contribute to lfieincalgary?

Email – influencer@lifeincalgary.ca

Arts & Culture Festivals & Events Influencer


Vivanne Quang
Monday, September 9, 2019


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