What inspired you to take over Life in Calgary Instagram account?

Life in Calgary is a phenomenal way to gain interest in a community initiative as it has such a wide and engaged audience. The Great YYC Staycation had only just launched when we did the take over and it was an amazing form of advertisement for the city-wide scavenger hunt.

Are you from Calgary? If not, where are you from originally and what attracted you to move here?

Yes, we are Calgarians but we moved here from Scotland 12 years ago due to the bountiful opportunities Calgary had in the oil and gas industry.

Any tips or advice for Calgary newcomers or those considering a move to Calgary?

Calgary is an amazing place to get a new business off the ground. Calgarians have a strong community culture; people want to give advice and help others where they can. It is a great city to build a network!

Where do you take your friends and family when they visit?

There are so many beautiful places to take tourists in Calgary but we personally love the trail around Glenmore Reservoir.  It is a great hike with lots to do and see including the Weaslehead flats, views of the mountains, Heritage Park and the south Glenmore splash park.

What do you think is the biggest surprise about Calgary for anyone who isn’t familiar with the city?

How friendly and open the people are here. 

How has the city influenced who you are or your organization?

Falling in love with Calgary has massively changed who we are.  We moved to Calgary originally for the promise of plentiful jobs and high wages.  Five years ago we became impact entrepreneurs in order to do our part for the City we call home.  Our careers are now focused on what we can do for Calgary instead of what Calgary can do for us


Michelle Edge, Co founder & Chief Creative Officer of Energy Disruptors launched their new project The Great YYC Staycation 

Michelle Edge
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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