On July 13, after spending a few days out of town, Tammy Brehaut returned back home to learn that her beloved cat, Pan, had gone missing.

Tammy called 311 and filed a missing pet report, put up posters in her neighbourhood, and with the help of friends and neighbours, looked for Pan in every corner, but her black cat was nowhere to be found.

She visited Animal Services to see if Pan had been found and impounded, but he wasn’t there. She also checked the Facebook page YYC Pet Recovery, but she had no luck.

“I had almost given up hope,” says Tammy. But she had faith that Pan would be found because he was licensed and had a permanent tattoo to identify him. She checked calgary.ca/animalservices every day to see if his sweet face popped up – the impounded cats feed is updated regularly.

It took nearly two months, but on September 11, Tammy received the phone call she had been waiting for. A fellow citizen had found her beloved cat and turned him in to Animal Services the night before, and thanks to the legible tattoo in his ear and licence, they were able to reunite Pan with Tammy.

“I was ecstatic he was found safe and sound!” recalls Tammy. “As soon as I got the call, I went to Animal Services to pick him up.”

The reunion was wonderful. “The Animal Services crew was great, very sympathetic, and extremely helpful. I would recommend going there if your pet went missing,” says Tammy.

As a responsible pet owner, Tammy wants to highlight the importance of licensing your pet and having a licence tag or permanent identification on them, such as a microchip or a tattoo. “If it wasn’t for his licence and tattoo, Pan wouldn’t be back.”

It’s also important to keep your information up to date so that if you move or change your contact information, Animal Services can reach you quickly and easily.

For more info on animal licensing, lost pets, and adoptable cats and dogs, visit calgary.ca/animalservices.

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