In addition to many services and programs offered by Animal Services, the team there also helps reduce the number of homeless pets in Calgary by finding forever homes for impounded cats and dogs. This is how, back in July, Melody Favero found her new little dog, Ella.

It all started about six months ago when Melody was thinking about getting a new furry friend. She looked at both the Calgary Humane Society and Animal Services websites to see which pets were available for adoption, but she couldn’t find the right fit for her.

The Animal Services team made it their mission to find Melody the perfect fit, according to her needs and preferences. They went above and beyond to offer her the best customer service.

They accomplished their mission the moment Melody met Ella, a sweet five-year-old, cream-coloured Shih Tzu mix. “Ella is the perfect fit, I feel like I’ve had her my whole life,” says Melody.

The adoption process through Animal Services was really smooth and easy. “They gave me all the necessary information according to Ella’s personality – what she likes and dislikes. Ella was cleaned up and had her dental surgery done when I adopted her. I felt so grateful toward the team, they made it such a good experience! If someone was looking to adopt, I would recommend Animal Services,” says Melody.

Melody and her two teenage boys are incredibly happy with Ella and the joy that her company has brought into their lives. “We feel so lucky – she’s such a good dog and is well behaved.” Ella is now part of the family and even has her own camping stuff, ready to embark on family adventures.

Thanks to the adoption program with Animal Services, Melody was able to give Ella a new start and a forever home. These are two of the many good reasons why adopting from Animal Services benefits healthy loving animals and happy pet owners.

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